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Presto 4-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 4-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Product Description Review

Pressure cookers have experienced renewed popularity over the last several years because cooks have rediscovered what some cooks (particularly grandmas) have known for a long time--they're really fast. And it's easy to cook healthfully with pressure cookers, since the food retains so much more of its nutrients and flavor. Presto's 4-quart stainless steel pressure cooker is a multi-purpose pot that can stand in as a conventional saucepan as well as perform the kitchen magic that pressure cookers are famous for. Chicken Cacciatore cooks in 8 minutes! This professional-quality stainless steel pressure cooker is a handy addition to any well-rounded set of kitchen tools.The heavy-duty lid locks down during cooking; an inner sealing ring keeps the steam in. In addition to a pop-up pressure indicator and a simple steam release mechanism, there is an overpressure plug that will let off steam if it builds up excessively. This pressure cooker is useful for weeknight dinners or for any meal that needs to come together quickly. An accompanying booklet contains more than 65 recipes, ranging from basic soup stocks to stews and pot roasts--even desserts like 5-minute custards! Tenderize lean cuts of beef or pork; or cook chicken, fish, or vegetables faster than you can in a microwave, and without losing moisture.
Nonabrasive cleansers are best for cleaning this stainless steel pressure cooker, though occasional use of a fine metal polish will help the exterior keep its shine. The Presto 4-quart pressure cooker is fully immersible; in addition, the sealing ring should be removed after each use to allow cleaning of the inside rim of the lid. The vent pipe is simple to keep clean with a small brush or pipe cleaner, and both the air vent/cover lock and the overpressure plug are removable. The pressure cooker measures 9 inches in diameter (16-1/2 inches including handles) and 6-1/2 inches tall (including lid). Presto guarantees this pressure cooker with an extended 12-year warranty. A detailed instruction and recipe booklet is included; special safety issues that pertain to pressure cookers are clearly explained. --Garland Withers

Product Description

Cooks lighter meals, healthier, fast and easy. 3 to 10 times faster than ordinary methods - faster than a microwave. Chicken, fish, vegetables and more cook to perfection in minutes. Tenderizes leaner cuts of beef and pork. New ergonomically designed handles.

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty 4-quart stainless steel pressure cooker
  • Comfortably ergonomic, stay-cool black plastic handles
  • Strong-lock lid with steam vent, pressure indicator and overpressure plug
  • Includes cooking rack and complete 64-page instruction recipe book
  • 16-1/2 By 6-1/2 inches; 12-Year warranty

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 18.6 x 9.8 x 7.8 inches ; 5.8 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds 
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B00002N602
  • Item model number: 01341

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
I own three pressure cookers, I reach for this one the most. I use the bowl within the pot method to cook brown rice (I am too lazy to clean, this allows storage of the rice directly into the fridge.) After cooking brown rice in a pressure cooker, don't know how people have the time to wait around for a rice cooker. I like the audible rocking noise it makes, this way I know pressure is being maintained when I cook. I make mostly beans and brown rice, I cook for one and the bowl method allows me to have rice all week (using the 4qt Presto) I like this one best out of all three, because it seems not to clog like the others.

Review 2:
4 qt. stainless steel pressure cooker is great. I had a 6 qt I've used for years and years. The 4 qt presto cooks really quick. It seems faster than my old one. I highly recommend this product.

Review 3:
I couldn't believe it even cooks some traditional asian meal in less than 35 minutes (10 min heating + 15 minutes cooking + 10 minutes cooling) which normally takes me 2-3 hours and tastes so fantastic.

I never know pressure cooking could be so easy, quick and so much fun. I am experimenting with different recipes almost every day.

Definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking of trying it.

Review 4:
I have been using Presto Pressure Cookers for the past 35+ years, they are simply the best on the market, and I have had other brands, those other brands ended up at my yard sale, the Presto Pressure Cooker is the best! always reliable, and I have never had to replace the gasket, that is saying something to the quality of the product, which by the was has been on the market for longer than I have been alive, and thats a long long time, so why bother with the rest when you can have the best, and at a great price, give it a try, you will be delighted with all you can make and the time saved cooking this way, especially cheaper cuts of meat,I can't say enough good things about this pressure cooker!

Review 5:
We have used this for about 2 months and are perfectly satisfied with this pressure cooker. It is an ideal accessory in any home. It is big enough to cook meals for upto 6 people.

Review 6:
This cooker is excellent for steaming vegetables; cooking rice or lentils.
Cleanup is a snap and parts are widely available in most retail stores.

Review 7:
After using her old Presto for 25+ years, part of the pressure release mechanism broke. Thanks God!!! She had found a couple of Prestos on line, and asked me to order one for her. I asked if she had checked Amazon and she admitted that she hadn't. I told her to wait a minute and let me do a little checking. At Amazon I found the same pressure cooker for about $10 less, and it included Free Shipping. I ordered it on a Sunday and it was delivere by Wednesday. She really liked the looks of it, and when she tried it for the first time, she found out that she didn't need to cook things as long as with her "antique" Presto.
She showed it to her mother and five minutes later I was ordering another one for her. It's a pleasure to have TWO happy females around, especially when I get the credit!! Thanks Amazon for keeping your prices competitive, and that Free Shipping is GREAT!! 

Review 8:
This is probably my 6th Presto Stainless Steel pressure cooker. I have given some to my adult children. It is the single most important cooking device in my kitchen (whole chicken in 30 mins, mashed potatoes in 20 mins, beef stew in 30 mins, corn on the cob in 15 mins, and the list goes on and on). Sometimes visitors see us using the pressure cooker and express concern about safety. But Presto designs them completely foolproof. There is no concern over it exploding, since it has an emergency pressure release (which in using these for over 30 years, has never happened). They are completely safe and SO incredibly useful. Once you get one, you will never do without it.

Review 9:
I have several larger pressure cookers, but there are just two of us now that the children are gone and married. This pan is perfect. Like the extra handle on the opposite side - easier for transporting from stove to sink. Would certainly recommend this.

Review 10:

This 4-quart cooker heats up and cools down much faster than it's 8-quart big brother. It's also easier to clean up because it's not so heavy. The bottom is very flat and it sits well on my glass top stove. The cooking rack is stainless steel too. I like my 25 year old cook book better because it has more recipes. Use a paper towel to wipe a thin layer of cooking oil on the top of the pan where it meets the gasket the first 2 or 3 times you cook with it. That will prolong the gasket life and make it easier to open and close the lid. Pressure cooking is the best fast food you'll ever eat. I looked at all the new style pressure cookers but the pressure regulators were all too complex which just invites problems. Simple is better. I've been cooking with Presto pressure cookers for 42 years. My first one was a hand-me-down from Grandma and I replaced it because it was aluminum. I still use my 40 year old 8-quart stainless cooker when we have a lot to cook.

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